Volunteer Opportunities & Adventures in Belize

Our Vision: To provide hands on training and experience for individuals and groups committed to saving our planet. By combining volunteerism with tourism, we offer unique and eco-friendly alternative travel and vacations to our educational facilities in Belize.

EduEco is based in the tropical rainforest jungle of Belize’s Cayo district. Our main project is to build an Eco Community developed by volunteers for volunteers.

Belize Cockatoo

Help us create your escape on this island!

You can contribute in many ways and participate on a level that you’re comfortable with. If you’re looking to:

  • Participate in a real-world, global program
  • Learn and develop new skills
  • Immerse yourself in the wilderness
  • Work on “deserted islands”, Belize Jungles and the Belize Mayan Mountains
  • Embrace new cultures and expand your horizons
  • Have a blast at the same time!
  • This and more, we invite you to apply now to join EduEco.

We offer a wide range of experiences and opportunity at EduEco with something for everyone. You can participate in any of our core areas which include:

  1. Business (marketing, tourism, entrepreneurial studies and more)
  2. Online Development (including website work, social networking, video productions and more)
  3. Physical Skills (such as carpentry, electrical, solar installations, and more)

Each of the main categories above, further branch off into many segments. You can even learn how to build your next house for pennies on the dollar. For more detailed information see our Belize Volunteer Info Chart here

You get your Belize Accommodations arranged and paid for. Includes all your Belize meals, round trip Belize Transportation to and from the airport, the ability to participate in a wide range of Belize Activities and a lot more. All it takes is a low, nominal participation fee of $300/week with a minimum, one month commitment. To see all the benefits EduEco has in store for you see our Belize Volunteer Info page.